Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Waz'up Wednesday

Everything is much slower when I have my mom with me.  It took me about 38 minutes to pick her up this morning, but we finally got out of the place and headed to where Frank was meeting us for breakfast, the Coffee Bean.  It is like an old time fast order greasy spoon without the fast order and greasy spoon part.  It is quite healthy and cheap!  They make great eggs to order, with bacon or not.  They have the most wonderful huge muffins and a no sugar added cinnamon bun to make CinnaBun jealous. They have 15 kinds of coffee and ways to fix it.  A lot of the customers know each other and they come in groups.

And that is just BREAKFAST! 

There was too many choices for my mom.  We got out of there an hour and a half later.  On to Carrie's to visit with Grand-dog Hugeaux.  He was glad to see his grandma and his great-grandma and walked with us to the new construction down the block.  We only go in the empty ones as the workers don't need to be disturbed, and we don't understand Mexican anyway!
And then Mom and I went to the grocery store whereupon I realized MY list was a home.  So we got a few things for her and after I dropped her off I went home and got my list.  By the time I got home again, it was after 1:30 PM.  What a loss of a day nearly. 

But I did find flaxseed and some of the weird mushrooms I wanted.  My tomatoes are ripening nicely and we can have feta and mushrooms and tomato on tilapia for dinner soon, real soon! 

Being as I am banned (by Frank) from talking politics with our Friday Night Dining Friends I must find a game for us to play this week.  Jason, my nephew - well, my cousin really) is supposed to be coming in this weekend from Albuquerque with his family.  How exciting.  We need to head out to Pimonyoli's and impress them with our wonderful BBQ restaurant find. 

I spent some of the afternoon sitting in the yard practicing with my new camera.  I caught Chloe trying to catch birds.  See if you think she got the bird....

Maybe tomorrow I will have some quilting stuff.  Yes, I will, definitely positively will have quilting stuff tomorrow. 

I am going to take a nap now.  I am getting very very very........very............sleepy.....................


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