Sunday, July 25, 2010

Evil Blogspot and Merry Christmas

See that post from yesterday?  The blank one?  I was witty and cute and introspective and worthy of a Pulitzer.  And Blogspot lost it.

I was mulling over the calendar.  It went sort of like this:  I took my mother to the Neurologist on Thursday.  It was a good visit, I think she is improving her concentration because she is here and more stimulated and in a clean environment with food.  The most impacting thing Doc said to me was, "Let me see her back in five months."

When I presented the appropriate paperwork to the Scheduler Lady she said, "Ok, five months would be December 22nd."  I nearly fainted!  Five months?  December 22nd?  Aughhhhh!

That means I have to begin the Quest for the Perfect Christmas Gift.  For everyone.  I saw in another blog, can't remember which one it was now, that she was leading a Homemade Christmas Gift Making thing.  Basically, you got a box, cover it with Christmas Paper and then every week you make a gift from the inspiration she presented.  Of course I didn't sign up, thinking I didn't really have the time.  One week she said, do something for the kitchen, and it was followed by multiple pictures of wonderful tea towels, pot cozies, place mats and hot mitts.  They were incredible.  And then you just put them in your box.  By December when you have to wrap gifts, you just go into your box, and combine the perfect items into a basket or some other really cute display.  And you have No Sweat Christmas Gifts.
So I decided I could do my own thing.  This week I made some cup cozies.  They turned out really nice with very little work.  And used up some scraps.  That was a good thing.  And I actually found the most perfect present for Valerie, but I won't tell you here because she reads the blog and I want the surprize factor.  (Here is a picture of Chloe the Smelly Basset instead of Valerie's perfect Christmas present.)  And then I made some fabric bookmarks for the Book Club Ladies.  (Valerie is a part of that too, but I am sure she won't blab to them.)

It felt like I was accomplishing some small thing toward the big event thing in the future.  I promised myself that I would begin to clean out my sewing room next week, it promises to be a lighter week than the last one.  I felt like the proverbial chicken with no head.  Right after I take Dutch on Monday to get his staples out, I handle the bank stuff for my mother, get her another toilet paper holder spring thingy since she threw the last one away with the empty roll, make sure I have hanging sleeves on all the quilts going to the quilt show the following week, and you know all the other normal week stuff.  Sigh.........

glen:  Almost Merry Christmas


  1. Psst Chloe! What did your Mom hide for me?

    Your ear and bely rub slave, Valerie

  2. Threw the roller, springy thingie away? Get a few extra while you are at it.

    I don't want to think about Christmas just yet - it's too hot and I'm still whining about the heat, humidity etc.

    Share a photo of your fabric bookmark please (Valerie - close your eyes). I need something new and different for the ladies of my book club. They are all a little put out with me - I have not liked any of the books picked out to read this year. I think they think that I am just being obstinate (and I probably am but I want to read a good 'story' and I'm tired of reading about the ills and injustices of society.) - Boy am I whiney today.

    Hugs - Marie


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