Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Oh Oh Oh I WON!!!!!

I Won!  I love it, I won!  the no Strings Attached Challenge from Stephanie at Loft Creations!  No, silly, not the WHOLE thing, just the Human Kindness Award! 

It was Stephanie's own string bag creation, 4 green fat quarters of Be Merry and 1 yard blue vintage rick rack!  Way Cool Stuff!  (That's WCS!)  (I can't wait to get that rick rack!  I am soooo into rick rack all of a sudden with that last string quilt!)

Special Category--HUMAN KINDNESS--WINNER--Glen at Quilts and Dogs (for donating the most string quilts to charity)

Funny thing was that while she was posting the winners of the various categories, I was out taking care of my friend Merilyn who is losing her sight and was going through a biopsy of her head to see if cancer was involved.  So I was hauling her back from the hospital where she had the minor surgery procedure when Loft Creations was emailing me to check the winners page!  LOL.

This is the very firstest thing I have ever won online like this.  I am SOOOOOO excited!  Thank you Stephanie, thank you soooo very much.  You can't imagine how you have made me feel inside.  Thank you more than you ever could know.

glen:  I just thought the rest of you wanted to hear me shamelessly brag a bit about my WINNING!!!!   LOL.

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