Friday, October 8, 2010

Auction Wins

Last year I won big.  I mean BIG!  Like over 50% of the baskets and over $200!  Jessie won the other half of the baskets but she was supporting a Quilting Husband as well.  Frank won’t pick up a needle or rotary cutter.  So it looked way worse for me. 
I resolved not to win as much this year so my take was a bit smaller.  But I did get a few interesting things. 
At 2 of my 3 guilds we have a birthday table.  During your birthday month you bring in a small item.  They sell raffle tickets for 25 Cents each and I usually purchase $2 worth each month.  So I never ever ever win anything!
Copy of DSC01599 At the Big Auction at River City last night I purchased 10 $1 tickets and dropped them into ten different baskets. Whereupon I won 5 of those items!  I got two fabric shopping bags with two pkgs of batting each, A red/white/blue tin of FQs and a group of 13 FQs tied in a ribbon.  And I won one of the red/white/blue baskets from the silent auction for $14.  It has a pattern, about 6 yards of red and red stripe fabrics, and 2 yards of blue and white stripe fabric, and about 4 other red and blue  fat quarters.  The box is a thread box that will hold about 15 spools!  Can't beat that with a stick!
The Remember Me Guild Auction will be when I am on the cruise!  And I was so hoping to be able to go to that one. 
I got a new quilt magazine in the mail today, Frank just brought it to me.  I am going to take my bath and cuddle up with it after I finish with y’all.
So nighty night…………Gotta check out Fons and Porter!
glen:  I am still reveling in my Stash Manicure glow.  It Copy of DSC01597 was a wonderful experience and I want to thank Madame Samm for allowing me to be a part of it!

PS:  Don't you love the dishwashing detergent in that picture?

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