Friday, October 29, 2010

Desparately Seeking Quilting Time

Where is all the time going to?  It is flying out of the windows and the doors.  Quickly, I might add.

I had worked feverishly on CAAWS stuff, mom stuff, Frank's family stuff and life stuff to get ready for the cruise.  The whole time I was thinking when I got back from the cruise there would be time aplenty.  Not so. 

I did manage to get my Virtual Bee blocks done for the November Girl.  She wanted lucious red with slashes of color.  So I complied with her request and fell in love.  I wanted a quilt like this one too!  But then I want them all..........


  1. Those reds are scrumptious. I, too, am running out of time. Yet I'm procrastinating again for some reason.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. I just received them today, and they are wonderful!!
    November Girl

  3. when you have something you WANT to do, there is no time. When you lose your mojo, time just hangs.


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