Saturday, October 23, 2010

I think I will go eat all the sugar cubes I can find......

Yes, we just got home from the cruise.  Picked up the dogs, went to the grocery store to get milk and bananas for Frank and dog yogurt for the doglets.

I am uploading my pictures, and have some fabulous sunset and sunrise pics. 
Sunset and Sunrise respectively. 

Along with some really great photos from the kayak though the mangroves and the segway over the island we did.  Now I want a segway.  Did you know you can't fall off one of those things.  Well, not literally, it works based upon a gyroscope and you really can't fall off.  But one lady had her battery die and the whole machine just keeled over, with her on it.  I wish I would have had my camera out, it was better than Carrie sitting on the ground after her bike tossed her off!  The look on this ladies face was priceless.  

Desserts were unbelievable.  I didn't know what to choose, so I ate them all.    Don't believe what you hear.  But I am craving those sugar cubes I have in my pantry..........

The beaches were gorgeous.  Open and wide and no one on them since tourism is down, way down.  Now is the time to go before Obama takes all your money to pay for his health care giveaway.    if you have the money the prices are right for the cruises and hotels.  In Key West they had the worst September they have ever had in history.  Way way down.
 My favorites at any aquarium are the jellies!  I love them.  The salt water tanks in Key West are incredibly beautiful. 

We also kayaked in the mangroves on FreeportFreeport is not exactly free, in fact it is very expensive to live there.  The island is totally owned by one man.  He bought it from the Queen herself.  And nothing is actually manufactured or grown there, it is all imported.  For example, a car costing $22K in the US is imported to Freeport which has 75% VAT and now you pay.......$38.5K for it.  And $5.25 per gallon of gas.  A loaf of bread is $6.75.  So most people hop on the ferry to the mainland Florida and buy wholesale cases and haul them home to Freeport.

We went to the quilt shop on Key West, they were sorta friendly.  Of course I can't walk away even from grumpy poeple and not buy something.

And we saw the 6 toed cats at Hemmingway's house.  Weird.  They look like elephant feet when they stand up. 
I will post some additional pics in the next week or so and show you my fabrics I bought!

glen:  just glad to have the dogs nearby again.

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  1. Glen - I am so glad you are home, I've been dying to tell you that Big T got me a cruise for my birthday so we will be leaving in a couple of weeks (yes, 2 within 4 months). And I was the woman who absolutely would not step foot onto a ship. Hmmmm! Things change.

    Welcome home - I'm so glad you had a good time.

    Hugs - Marie


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