Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ACK! Snowballs

Back at the grindstone again.  This morning I went to see my mom.  I was going to attempt to take her to Starbucks for breakfast but after an hour of her getting dressed I needed to leave to head to boxing class. I did manage to tidy up some piles of paper and stuff and get the bushel of dirty clothes before I left. 

Then on to the Grand-dog Hugeaux.  He was so glad to see his grandma!  I love it when they are excited to see me.  Of course his alternative was staying in the crate till Carrie came home, so I guess he was plenty glad to see his grandma.  We walked around the subdivision which is about a mile.  Why am I still fat?  I do all this healthy walking and boxing and riding and stuff?

I stopped at the library and got another tape to sew by.  This one is about the farms that were taken up when they created the Great Smokey Mountain National Park. 

Then I came home, finished up the last of the lasagna for lunch.  Well, there's your problem, you say.  Not so, grasshopper!  I use low fat everything and make my own sauces, and use Eggland's Best eggs, all the healthy stuff. and we have eaten for 4 days now on that lasagna.  Small, pre-cut pieces.  With broccoli, and ice tea with not even Splenda (which raises your blood sugar as much as sugar does). 

The snowball problem persisted.  Why does every pattern have some screw up?  Well, let me rephrase that.  Why do I screw up every pattern?  I know I cut the required amount of snowball pieces in the first step.  I know I did.  So why do I not have enough?

I made 5 more yesterday.  But those were the ones I had not completed.  So they were not extra.  Today I cut an additional 4.  And now I need 4 or 5 more.  How does this happen?

It really aggravates me.  I live right, eat right (most of the time), spend lots of time and money helping unfortunate animals, make interesting food for Carrie during the week, drive my blind friend around even though it aggravates me to spend hours in waiting rooms, make charity quilts, spend time with my Alzheimer Mother, took care of the Evil Mother In Law when she was dying and my Alzheimer Aunt when her kids abandoned her AND put up with Frank?

So if I do all this good, why can I not get these snowballs right?


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  1. Well, I see you have started to take this seriously (almost). Maybe Frank took the snowballs so he could rattle your cage - although I doubt it. It could be your self-conscience telling you that you live in LA and there is no snow there - therefore no snowballs.

    Hugs - Marie


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