Saturday, November 6, 2010


Remember that movie by Mel Brooks?  Space Balls?  Hilarious.  I just thought of that for some reason as I sat to type this.  I had a very unproductive day, but I did get three balls made.

I had my mom most of the afternoon, made two lasagna and 6 lasagna rolls, ate one and froze the rest and I am assuming Carrie will score the other lasagna tomorrow.  We do have a pretty neat bike ride planned for tomorrow.  This will be the Sub Zero Ride!   (It really won't be that cold........)

Here are my balls.

No, I did not get a chance to work on the Snowflake Mystery.  I promise I will tomorrow.

Remember the movie Annie?  Tomorrow, Tomorrow......I hate that song.

I think I need a tag team quilt partner.  I start things,  he finishes them.  He?  Didn't you see the title of this post?  Yes, I have always wanted a male secretary, so now I can want a male tag team quilt partner.  Lots of muscles, tanned shiny smooth skin, washboard abs and powerful handle the quilts of course.  Dark hair, lots of dark hair.  Gentle hands, to fold the quilts of course.  Delicate fingers.  To be able to get those seams to line up.


  1. Ho - ho! How did you know I would even have the nerve to ask. In real life (BR) I had a male secretary at one job - he was great (even good looking) but he was only interested in the opposite sex (opposite of mine at least).

    I just remembered, we also made those balls out of that pretty christmas ribbon (the wide kind). There was something about you either had to get the kind without the wire or pull the wire out (which is not all that hard). The ribbon gave a completely different look.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. Sounds like a productive day to made spice balls, lasagne AND you looked after your mom...and yes, I would share too!


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