Saturday, November 27, 2010

Black Friday

As we all know, Frank goes out on Black Friday every year.  He gets assorted Christmas presents.  I am under the impression that if he does not get your present on Black Friday, you are not going to get anything from him.

We had talked about me wanting an iPad for Christmas.  I kinda like the one Valerie has and I have looked at Ann's Kindle and the Nook and decided I could spend 4 times as much and get a mini computer as well.  Seeing as Frank took over MY laptop for CAAWS stuff.
So he comes home without a package holding anything looking like an iPad.  He said he looked for one, but the prices were not coming down now and he was only going to buy one on sale.  And that he had a better chance of getting one on sale closer to Christmas, if they had not sold out by then and he could get one.  So I figured I would have to buy one on my own.

Later that day we went to Office Depot to get some print cartridges and he asked me what kind of holder Valerie had so IF he found an iPad mine would look different from hers on a table.    I chose a black cover with teal blue suede inside, that sits upright. 

So I now have a folder for an iPad, and I am ASSUMING that he has the iPad.

glen:  he BETTER have the iPad..........


  1. Don't worry, Frank's got it covered!

  2. I think you can make a safe assumption on this one. Interesting how men think - had that been us on that mission we would have skulked (yes there is such a word) around trying to see what color Valerie had (without looking obvious of course). We would have initiated conversations along the line of "wow, did you see Valerie's new cover for her ipad?" And then there would have been the old faithful stand-by line of "you know, I looked but the ipads are not all they cracked up to be."

    I think men are missing that sneaky gene that women have in overabundance. They are so straight forward, linear thinking. Such a shame, a total waste of brain power.

    Hugs - Marie

  3. OH my...this is risky! Hope you get something to put inside the holder or someone is in big trouble!


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