Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is your candidate winning?

I hope so.  We got out in the rain to vote here.  Nice steady rain, not too hard or to heavy.  My gauge had about 1 3/4 inches in it when I emptied around 5 pm feeding time. 

For some reason in all my years of quilting I have never done a red/white/blue quilt.  Hmm.  So my patriotic quilt for Election Day is the Purple Mountains Majesty I guess.  And I will have to work on that red/white/blue thing for next election.  This was the second quilt I ever made and it is still unquilted.  I would send it to one of my new blog friends who do quilting, but I am afraid I would be embarrassed to have them see the work.  After all it was my second quilt.  And quite an undertaking, it is a Pam Bono design and she has a million little pieces for each block.  My deer look nice from this distance!  But whoa.......when you get up close you see all their legs are different sizes!  One has tiny legs and one needs a diuretic!

I went to the two funerals today.  Funerals in the rain don't bother me.  Somber events in a somber setting remind me of the movies.  Both were over 90 so that was a long life and both were wonderful citizens and active in community organizations.  Lives well spent

So I hope you did go out to vote today, and that your candidate wins!

glen:  whose results are looking pretty good at the moment

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  1. Glen - I love the purple mountains in the background. They are almost cheerful against the rest of the quilt.

    Hugs - Marie


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