Monday, November 29, 2010

It's that gift horse thing....

Daughter and Son-In-Law came to T'giving dinner, then left to head out to meet his parents at a Casino about 3 hours away for the weekend.  I babysitted the grand-dog.  She realized she forgot her camera and borrowed mine along with the charger.

So upon their return, she brought me the camera when she came to pick up her little Hugeaux.  But as she was driving out of the driveway I realized she forgot to bring me the charger.  This camera eats battery charges.  I really need it.

So I called, no answer.  I called again, no answer.  I know she has the phone nearby because I can hear the texts going off all the time.  So I called several more times as the afternoon went on.  And she has told me before that leaving messages is a waste of time since she never picks them up.

So finally around 8:30 pm she calls me. WHAT? she says.

I request my charger, and she says, Mom, with all the phone calls I thought there was something wrong.  I said, there was, I don't have my charger.

But, she says (thinking she is so wise), did it necessitate SEVEN phone calls?


Just wait till she gets home, I call there too!  LOL

glen:  and yes it did!

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  1. Just wait until the shoes on the other foot and she needs something 'important' and your not answering the phone. Our daughter in San Diego does this and doesn't return phone calls or e-mails or listen to messages until she is ready. Makes me furious but so far hasn't changed her.

    Hugs - Marie


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