Friday, November 5, 2010

Some things of importance

I really did clean up a major section of my quilt room yesterday.  And I got several blocks completed from the Great Overseas Scrap Swap.  A few.  And they are exciting.  I have an idea about what I want to do with the rest of them and it is looking very very good.  More later.

And I feel guilty that I have not spent time working on my Mystery quilt that is due NEXT WEEK!  Aughhh!  Can you hear panic about now?

Yes, that is going to be my total focus.  The completion of my mystery quilt.  I need to get that done, I must have that done.  Really I gotta do it.  So I have enough time to complete two, not one, but two quilts?  Or do I need to hire a phalanx of quilters to help? 

It is still in the same position on my design wall as when I put up a picture 3 or maybe even 4 weeks ago.  With that silly little odd block in there from the second quilt I am not near finishing.  NO!  Don't go back and look at dates, I don't want to know.......

glen:  starting tomorrow.....

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  1. OK, you win this week. Great job of procrastinating. Man, just when I was getting it down really well - you come along and out do me.

    I actually kind of like that weird block in the middle of the quilt. Reminds me of a certain friend I have in blog land. Hmmmm??

    Hugs - Marie


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