Monday, December 27, 2010

A little bit Christmas, a little bit gone

DSC02641 I am glad Christmas is over.  While I love getting gifts, there is always the day after.  Frank is somewhere in lower Louisiana back to work again.  He has off again the end of the week toward New Years.

Christmas dinner was at Carrie’s house.  It was the very first time she ever had a family holiday at her place.  They moved in directly before Christmas last year so they had packing boxes everywhere.  This year she wanted her First Christmas in theirDSC02631 home, melding the two families.  Andrew’s parents and Andrew’s brotherDSC02629 and wife and son came, they work different schedules so having time off together was a good thing for them.

I thought I would arrive to see my beautiful daughter, dressed in her fancy Christmas clothes, with her fancy Christmas Apron tied around her skinny waist, with fantastical smells of turkey coming DSC02640 from the oven.  But there was none of that.  In fact, she was in casual clothes, sans apron, and not an oven light flickering.

About 15 minutes after we arrived, there came a knock on the door.  The in-laws had arrived.  And with them came a flurry of activity that involved turkey, ham, roast, gravy, rice, green bean casserole, dressing,DSC02628 broccoli cheese casserole, pies, rolls and gumbo.  The food had been transported from Plaquemine to Carrie’s house! 

It was good.  Interesting, but good.  Fayne is a fabulous cook. She certainly has no competition!


We opened presents after dinner and never got around to the pie and cookies I brought, but that was fine.  While I felt like a third wheel, it was good that Carrie and Fayne bonded over food brought from the old homestead.  And later that night they all went to his family’s places for more  celebrations.

DSC02637Frank and I went home and played Wii by ourselves.

But we did get to enjoy the day with Carrie, and we did get the Grand-Dog Hugeaux for the night!

glen: today I am cleaning out a corner of the Quilt Room as part of my New Year’s Resolution push!






  1. How great that you were all together for the day. I love the photo of you and Frank at the end. Great look, skinny lady. My goal today was to clean the studio but I didn't even make it in there today - oh well, there's always tomorrow.

    Hugs - Marie

  2. What a hoot--a delivered Christmas meal! Can I order one for next year?? books---grandson Mason (2 years old) got LOTS of books for Christmas---his parents read and sing to him! Yes, I guess there are lots of parents out there that still do that--the kids section at Barnes and Noble is booming.


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