Monday, December 13, 2010

Why are pigs so hard? (whine)

I decided today that I would make a pig quilt TableRunner for my sister in law.  She has a pig.  Blossom is a Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig.  I usually think of these things as small pigs but Blossom is larger than my Swissys, and they are pretty big dogs.

Blossom is older than 20 years.  I don't think I have a picture of her anywhere, but I guess she is pigs go.  She has a lot of wiry odd sticking out hairs.  And a huge nose she uses to root up the sofa cushions every day when Michelle leaves for work.  She learned to open the refrigerator a long long time ago, so they actually have a padlock on their fridge.  (It hasn't stopped anyone from getting fat, so it only works for real pigs.)

Last year I made Michelle a quilt from the Olivia the Pig collection in black and white and reds.  I loved the quilt.  I hope Michelle did too, since I have not heard from her about it at all.  She was not present when I handed the basket of presents to my brother, so I have no idea what she thought about it.

I thought I would just zip out 8 pig blocks this afternoon and then finish them up tomorrow.  Well, best laid plans of pigs and women.  I fought with the construction of the pig for some reason.  It was way harder than I thought it would be.  See my Bad Pig?  It looks like, I don't know what.  A blimp maybe?   The red pig turned out a bit better not worse.   I think I need to make the pigs skinnier in their body.  LOL.  That is funny, my pig needs a diet!  I finally did get it done, and had to cook supper then leave for a Toastmaster meeting.  So I really got nothing done all day!

But does it look like a pig?  Aughhhhhhh!

So then I decided not to do a whole big quilt, but to do a pig theme group of presents and the tablerunner.   I found a really adorable watering can that is shaped like a good sized pink pig.  And I found a red/white/blue piggy bank.  And a dish shaped like a cute little piggy.  I think this along with the table runner will be a pretty cute gift.  I guess once again, though, I won't know how it goes over since I never hear from them and never see Michelle.

She won't read this, they have not paid much attention to us here in Baton Rouge in a long long time.  So the surprise won't be spoiled.  I just get upset that my mom never sees them either.  That is the hurt in all this.

Sigh..........pig things.


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  1. Ah, another quilting Toastmaster! Your pig blocks are a little odd but cute. Just remember that by not seeing your mom, Michelle is being piggy not you.


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