Thursday, January 13, 2011

I roll my eyes, I am told….

glen      And this is not the first time I have been told this.  Once, when I was still working at the large medical facility as their Hiring Director, I interviewed some young girl for a position.  At some point during the interview, I raised my eyebrows as she was telling me how infinitely qualified she was.   She happened to be looseye frankeye dutch paiingely related to or knew someone in the upper management and complained to them about my wayward eyebrow.eyes lois

While I really didn't think so, I must have an expressive face.  If that is so, then I am sure what I was thinking last night during eye dutchthis encounter must have come through........and it wasn't as sugar cookies, tea and chocolate cupcakes with nonpareil frosting.  It involved weapons of mass destruction, methods of torture and vile evil monsters in mucky swamp!

This person actually screamed at me during a meeting, in which I was taking notes no less and spent most of my time trying to take notes in my own brand of shorthand that I would be able to read later.  But I was not the only one she screamed at, it was a very interesting meeting indeed!

 eye pigSo, when you see me next, note how my evil eyes watch you.


  1. It wasn't a quilt meeting was it?

  2. No, it was not a quilt meeting, quilters are really nice people to whom I would never cast a rolled eye!


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