Saturday, January 22, 2011

Six amazing Flavin Glover blocks!

Six blocks.  That is what I got done.  It may sound like so very little, but it was really a lot.  And wait till you see what the other people did with their fabric and ideas!

Flavin Glover was wonderful   She is very unassuming, laid back, personable and has a great ability to take fabrics and turn them into wonders.  She has based her career on the lowly Log Cabin and Courthouse Steps blocks.  But she has taken them to amazing heights with her creativity and imagination.  And they are all fairly easily done, it is a “why didn’t I think of that” moment when you see a piece of her making.

Yes, of course, I bought the kool-aid, ah…book.  And paid enormous full price for it, but it was worth it.  She SIGNED it with my name and HERS!

She startedHearts border 1 out with a lecture on the beginnings of the Log Cabin and how it has changed in different periods.  And then she talked about how she saw something differently one day, experimented and learned how to tweak a common block and make it so different in so many ways.

Here are some of the different things we saw and did today.Chinese lanterns  Hers are first, of course.

She called these guys dogs but they looked more like aliens to me.

alien dogs

tumble blocks closeclose for fabrics 

Hearts border

She said that when she made the heart one, it just happened  one day when  she was making blocks and just piling them up.  She worked out the border and it is spectacular!

I fell in love with her houses about 5 years ago. 

carolina house



Her denim quilt is spectacular. It is based upon the whirl pattern.  whirl multicolor





Now these are some of the blocks we did in class.  It was free choice so they all are different and amazing in their own right. 

My Chinese Lanterns:my lanterns

My favorites:

close heart class lily willis elongated Margie Bumm whirl work from class work from class 1

Can’t wait to see these quilts finished!



  1. Her lecture at GSQA was awesome too except that we couldn't see quilt too very well.

  2. I'm really impressed with your blocks. I love them all. Very nice - I wish I had been there to learn from her as well.d

    Hugs - Marie


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