Sunday, January 2, 2011

The UFO Challenge at Patchwork Place and Design wall 1-3-11

Judy asked us to list our UFOs we wanted to work on # 1 through 12.  I put 2 in each month because I have sooooooo many I wanted to get a number of them done this year.

She chooses a number at the first of every month, this January 1st she chose # 6.  In my list that was the Orange Snowball Mystery and the Outhouse Blocks.  Both perfect choices because the Mystery is due next Thursday and the Outhouse blocks will be perfect for a wild and modern quilt in the Inspiration Challenge.  (I may get nothing done this year but challenges, but hey.....)

I spent a few hours this afternoon and tonight working on my Orange Snowball Mystery and got the center put together.   I put the blue one on the design wall and laid the orange blocks over the blue blocks to make placement and turning easier.  It was a challenge to get it all laid out correctly when I did the blue one.

Tomorrow I should have some time to work on the snowballs on the outside edge.  They are all put together, they just need to be sewn in strips and attached to the inner border that needs to be put on.  Aside from nothing being equal in size and no block being the correct size, it went together fairly quickly this afternoon.  I had most of the work done on the pieces from the months of keeping up with the mystery.  The blue snowball mystery will have to go to the quilt meeting with no backing or quilting. 

Inner border will be the orange and the snowballs will be the light with the fossil fern surrounding them.  It will be bright!



  1. Looks good, Glen! I would get confused trying to orient all the blocks correctly also - takes some concentration for sure.

    I can't wait to see your "outhouse" blocks - you definitely have me intrigued!


  2. Very pretty fabric. Love the leaves in it.

  3. Looks wonderful. I love the colors; reminds me of sherbet.

  4. Very, very pretty I love the colour combination of orange and blue.

  5. This is very pretty and ethereal! Won't it be great to finish some of these UFO's?!?!

  6. Deadlines really help to get a body moving to finish something. This is a very intriguing design and colorway. Looking forward to seeing how it all turns out.

  7. Ooh, I love fossil fern fabrics. Great blocks to use it in.

  8. Great site, loved your heading and the alphabet quilt.


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