Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Inspiration – Don’t Touch My Junk


I have been working on my Inspiration Quilt  Don’t Touch DSC02899My Junk today.  And it felt good after a frustrating day of just running around and doing work on my CAAWS stuff.  I longed to be sewing all day.

I began putting the blocks together.  Remembering the admonition of not thinking too much about color and placement, I just grabbed and sewed and didn’t think at all! 

There were some strange bedfellows!  DSC02901

But I continued on, not worrying if one matched or not.  The easiest way for me to achieve this level of DSC02898nirvana is to listen to books on CD so I plugged in, pun definitely intended, The Seamstress by Frances de pontes Peebles. 

I am liking the way it is heading.  Although I think it is like that Ugly Dog Contest, only a momma could love him.  This quilt will be mine totally. 

The best thing about doing this quilt, I am finding blocks from quilts that are long gone to their forever homes with friends and family.  And I am living back memories from those wayward blocks


Like this poor attempt at a sheep dog.


It took me a minute to even remember him!  I had to figure out, what the heck was this?  Oh, yes, a sheepdog.  He is supposed to be looking after his sheep, bur the sheep never made it to the pasture!




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  1. OMG - I missed 3 of your posts. How did that happen. I look for you everyday. I am so sorry and I feel terrible - I'm one of your biggest fans and I let you down.

    Love the new look - it is so you!

    Hugs - Marie


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