Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Dog of 1000 Names

Well, did you think I could settle on something that fast?  No.  In getting to know him more and more, it has come to my attention that his body merely exists to push his nose around.  Hence the fact that I say NO! about 3,754 times a day.  I wonder if I could put some Vick's VapoRub under there..........

Anyway.  I began calling him The Nose.  Which denegrated to Da Nose.  And then it hit me that on our favorite TV Crime Show NCIS there is a character who is always "nosing" around in crime scenes, getting head slapped by his boss Leroy Jethro Gibbs and who is a smoozer with the ladies.  And his name is Tony DiNozzo.

So it came to pass that Ralphie is now being called DiNozzo.  He fits that character to a Tee.  Boundless energy, sucking up to higher authorities, kissing on the ladies (and an occassional guy) and investigating every single thing in a 25 mile radius of the nose.

We can still call him Ralph, I guess.  He can be Ralph DiNozzo, Tony's little brother



  1. What a face! Perhaps he can become a tracking dog?

  2. Oh my goodness - can you imagine the reaction you would get from the "real" DiNozzo" if he was told a dog was named after him? Hysterical - give him a scratch from me please!

  3. You can call him anything but who can resist that face. He is absolutely forgivable for almost anything. I had a new cocker spaniel puppy who got shut in our master bedroom closet by mistake for several hours - he chewed enormous holes out of the cuffs of my new boots, the heels on my spikes, and the toe out of my sneakers.

    Hugs - Marie


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