Wednesday, May 4, 2011

is it lazy or forgetful?

I have gone out twice now and failed to get the large envelopes necessary to put the magazines in to send them out.  I still need one more address, but will send them to the three I do have.

Marie, Janet and Charlene. 


I have not had a second to quilt in the last 3 days.  Today I had defrosted gumbo makings that needed to be fixed and I am working on installing the QuickBooks to computers so I can do the CAAWS accounting for this year.  Not going well.  I am not a bookkeeper or an accountant.  And this new version is very different from when I was doing my little accounting for Job Force One.  But I am hammering on.

We did spend an enjoyable evening at the Londoner.   Here is DiNozzo meeting and greeting the biggest dog there!  They are a local pub and great restaurant that hosts CAAWS people and their dogs on the patio every first Wednesday.  They give a percentage of receipts between 6 and 10 on that first Wed to us as a really nice donation.  And we get to see all the dogs and their people every month.

I want to make some of the Letty's Bags that are the rage here.  DiNozzo got into my purse tonight after I took him for his special Londoner night and ate several pieces of things.  That is in addition to the plastic cactus and the FOUR napkin rings from Mexico earlier this afternoon.  The cactus I will give him the benefit of the doubt but the napkin rings were in a basket in the middle of my dining room table. 

Bad dog.  Who was it who wanted me to send him their way.  Was it Marie?  Huh?  I just might do that.  Expect a package on your doorstep in a few days.  And it won't contain magazines!  LOL.



  1. He is also welcome to come join my crowd. Lorenzo is chewing the doors and my bed not to mention poor Lilly. He is teething and goes thru teething aides like candy.

  2. His bedroom is already. Quit putting those tempting little doggy treats out to tempt him. Do you manage to walk by chocolates and remain a 'good girl'? Poor thing.

    Hugs - Marie


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