Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dutch update - The boy is home

I want to thank everyone for all your posts and well wishes for the Dutchman.  I don't have the time right now to personally contact you all, too many things are going on today.  It piles up and piles up and piles up and I struggle to handle it all.  Valerie is helping me this morning with Dutch while I take Frank for his colonoscopy.  Like we couldn't have rescheduled that? 
Dutch is home and after 3 hours is finally resting. When they shaved his leg you can see he is gray underneath but still see his patterns of color.

I was not prepared for him to not be walking on his leg at all. I thought he would only be limping. the incision is only about an inch and a half on the side of his back leg just below his knee. It is all swollen and I have been putting an ice bag on it when he lets me. He doesn't like the cold.

It looks like he has been shot or something. I'll bet he feels like a tractor ran over him. He has not gone to pee yet. I am sure that will be fun. we have to literally carry him at
his full 98.8 lbs! Yes, fun.

We should hear from the biopsy end of this week or beginning of next.

Like I said earlier, let it be the fungal osteo myelitis....please!!

UPDATE:  he moved around last night several times by himself, but his leg is still not working properly.  This morning he peed and feels a WHOLE lot better!  LOL. 

My sweet boy...glen


  1. Poor Dutch and poor you. The next week is going to be so hard but you have to try and think positive - easy for me to say I know but I will be thinking of you and Dutch. Don't feel the need to reply - just give Dutch a pat from me!

  2. Hugs to the Dutchman and keeping our paws crossed for you guys,,MollyMc

  3. He looks better than I thought he would. We are all pulling for him.

    Hugs - Marie

  4. Hugs to you both - remember that animals have no stoicism, so they show any discomfort in detail! I hope he will recover quickly and hope the two of you can have some special times in the next few days to alleviate some of the stress of the wait. Try to take it day by day if you can...

  5. What a handsome boy he is - shaved and all. Positive thoughts are headed your way. Take care, Leslie

  6. Good luck with Frank. I figure he will be a bigger baby than the Dutchman. Sending all the positive vibs I have your way.

  7. Abby and I are sending good wishes your way and good lab results ahead! We love our furry critters and they love us back.


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