Friday, August 5, 2011

Am I dying or something?

Rainy Belize

Rainy New Brunswick

Woke up this morning with thougths of getting stuff together for tomorrow's Open House for the Quilt Show at the Library.  I am doing the Strips of Love where the public sews on the jelly roll quilt to complete two donation quilts.

I didn't feel much like moving around or doing anything but sitting on the sofa watching my dog sleep in
                                                    peaceful painfree sleep.  The phone rings.

Alaskan Sunset
It is Carrie.  She wants to know if I want to come see her office.  They moved to a new office in May and I have never been invited to see it.  I have mentioned it a few times and she has never just said, Come on down!  I don't want to barge in on her so I politely wait.

She says, Come on down!  And adds we can get some lunch while I am there.  And maybe we can go donate some blood.  And then we can go visit Grandma.

Boston Sunrise
I am stunned.

I sit in silence and slowly digest this.  I ask, Am I dying or something?

She laughs, I know it sounds weird, but you need something fun, and the hospital keeps calling about a blood donation (she is a universal donor) and she hasn't seen my mom in a long time.  And of course, we need to eat.
New York Sunrise
Kennebunkport Day
                                                   So I am meeting her at noon-thirty.

                                             glen:  and hope to make it through the day.


  1. That sounds like fun - except the part where they stick in the needle in.

  2. You had better not be! We just found this connection and since we will be traveling to BR once a week until October, I will need a lunch or two to talk dogs & quilts.


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