Monday, August 29, 2011

Biking in the heat, quilting in the cool

Whew!  Things have been so busy lately.  I feel like Charlene!  LOL.

Even though the weather has not been cooling off like Frank says it is, we have gotten back into the swing of biking again.    Last week we did 9.1 miles one day and this weekend and today we did about 4 miles a day.  Even though it looks cool in the photos, it is not.  However, it is much cooler riding in the tree forests than on the asphalt roads so we stick to the Forest Park or White Oak trails.  

It feels good to be riding even if we are sweating!  The last few days has pushed the mercury very very close to 100 degrees, and by our 10:30 PM dog walk it is still in the upper 90's.  This morning at 6:30 AM it was actually cool, we walked 1.5 miles with the dogs.  Then by the afternoon it was 101! 

Dutch has been walking 1/2 mile every morning and again at night.  He trots a bit when he forgets about his leg.  But I am glad he is even attempting to trot.  He took off after DiNozzo a few days ago, totally forgetting about his leg.  If it were a muscle pull, I would think he was getting better.  But I know it is just a matter of time before the cancer takes over.  He still is on rimadyl twice a day and I have upped the tumeric to 3 morning and night.  I know the turmeric won't help with this kind of cancer but I am hoping it helps as an anti-inflammatory and thus with some pain.  I still have moments when I sit and cry.

You probably can't see the perspective in this photo, but Dutch is about 108 lbs and that is a big dog bed.  He just barely fits.  But since I won't let him step up to the cooleroo bed he so dearly loves, he has taken over this one.  He looks so silly!

Wednesday I am going to meet Charlene in Lafayette and we head to Ami Simms Twisted Sister class.  Ami Simms is the brain of AAQI (Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative)

I have contributed several quilts over the years for auction, the proceeds go to research.  I have three of them there right now for sale.  Check them out #7145, 7146 and 7184 (  Hey, bid on one! 

Over the weekend I brought cookies, chocolate bars and chips for my mom's stash.  Today I brought some drinks for her mini fridge we got her for her birthday.  She loves the chocolate Yahoo! drinks so I loaded her up with those.  Red drinks and blue drinks fascinate her as well.  and those little coke cans.   Hospice checked her in and approved the application based upon her Alzheimers diagnosis so she is getting another level of support from them.  Of course my brother has yet to even call me about her.  You would think he would be interested. 

I am teaching a class on an LSU tote bag in two weeks.  Ann and I spent two days gathering the fabrics.  I spent a day and a half doing all the cutting and making kits for everyone.  I included a pouch as an extra since I had some fabrics leftover.  It should be a good class, I will make up a sample this week.

All that, and I am writing an article I hope to have published soon, we shall see.  But that is for another day.



  1. Love the photos of the scenes, you are right they do look cool. Give Dutch a scratch from me! Great thing you are doing looking after your Mum. Forget about your brother's lack of effort - if there is one thing I have learned it is that not everyone knows how to act as a family member bad you can only do what you believe to be the right thing!


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