Thursday, August 25, 2011

It is a bizzare world!

First the earthquake in Washington/New York/Virginia.  How weird is that?

Here I am watching the TV talking about the Hurricane Irene hitting New York City.  New York City?  WOW!

I wonder if they need any advice on how to ride out a hurricane from us Louisiana folks?  I'll bet they don't know how to board up their windows with plywood.  Or how to make sandwiches and save ice for the days before the lights go out.  Or to put water in the bathtubs so you will have water when the pumps go out or if the water gets fouled by sewerage. 
Or to have that axe in the attic just in case you have to climb into the attic to escape rising waters.  You can chop your way out of the roof.  That is what happened to a lot of Katrina people, they just didn't have their axes in the attic.  The ones who did, were the ones on the roof tops waiting to be rescued.

And I guess you need to have your bags ready to go and get all that loot you will need to survive from the stores, like those big screen TVs, the athletic shoes and the fur coats.  Oh, is that just New Orleans? 



  1. They call them nor'easters up north, but I'm sure the same preparations apply. Hurricane prep is not so different from blizzard prep.

  2. I'm in the Boston area, about five miles from the coast. Nothing I've seen is boarded up, nor has that been recommended by our local authorities. People mostly seem to be stocked with flashlights, food and water, as for a winter storm, and have been taking in trash cans and patio furniture.

    My understanding of my neighborhood is that we should be prepared for a power outage, and for TS force winds (routine for winter storms, so we are hardened against that), but that fortifying against flying projectiles isn't necessary.

    The first of the outer bands of rain hit a few minutes ago; we absolutely owe "told you so privileges if I'm wrong."


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