Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Organizational Wednesday

I want to promise myself that I will not come out of my quilt room without organizing something.  Anything.

Here it is nearly 11 am, and will be by the time I complete this, and I have not yet achieved that goal.

But I did sit with my dog a bit.  And I made myself a cup of coffee to sip with him.  And that was a good use of my time.He had gone out to sun a while and came in frantic about something.  Not sure what it was.

I am preparing for a paper piecing class I am teaching.  It is the precursor to a project I want to do and thought my group would like to learn a new technique.  I am going to do tessellated cats with them and then turn it into a baby quilt.  A sneaky way to get a project done from my stash! 

But they will be pleased I think to "donate" their blocks to the cause.  This is not the pattern I am using but it is a cute cat tessellation!

To the right is a quilt pattern by Jan Miller called Sawtooth Cats.  I want to make this soon.  If I get the people interested in making cats, maybe it will be sooner than later!

PS:    See, I am doing anything to get out of cleaning up the quilt room.......

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  1. Oh, Oh! Invite me! Please, I want to make cats since I can't have one b/c of Pape's allergy (they scare him!)


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