Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Biking and brining

Sunday we rode our bikes 11.6 miles through LSU and the Golf Courses again.  Me and the trees were ready for Halloween.  This time we hit several places we don't normally ride through.  The Dairy Center was supposed to be open but we were early, so I guess we missed the ice cream.  And we rode through Tiger Town to eat at the Chimes.  Frank and I ate there 40 years ago every once in a blue moon when he was in school  and we could scrape together enough money for a hamburger. 

Check out my SEXY pose.  Yeah, they laughed at me too!  As sexy as I can get in riding togs, sweat and helmet hair!

At one of the fountains you can see the wheels in Frank's brain turning.  He still is six years old in mind.  It took precious little cajoling for Frank to go for it.

                                                      Did he make it?


And here is Dan expounding on the wonders of the world as we know it.  See the look on Amber's face? 

I had gotten the brining stuff together for the turkey on Saturday.  I was not able to find a turkey and ended up with a large chicken.  I brined overnight, which was actually too long for a mere chicken.  The overnight time made it a bit too salty for my tastes at the end but it was incredibly juicy and delicious.  The cornbread dressing was a flop but the rice dressing was excellent.  Check it out, I thought the veggies made a pretty display and might make a nice art piece.
I placed the chicken in the brining pot, this chicken looks lost in that huge pot, doesn't it?  Then I put some goodies into the brine solution.  That is when the bird soaked overnight.

I had to make space in the fridge for the huge pot.  And this isn't even the largest stock pot I have!  Here is poor Mr. DiNozzo just dreaming about me leaving the chicken  on the counter top so he can grab it and run!

And don't think he wouldn't do it in a heartbeat!



  1. Mr. D. is absolutely adorable!!!

  2. DiNozzo is ready that is for sure.

  3. Love the socks but I don't beleive one word of what you say about Di Nozzo - I think he is totally misunderstood - just look at that face!


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