Friday, October 7, 2011

River City Auction, London, Grass and the Welfare System

I scored at the River City Auction last night.  I also won some stuff for Ann since she was unable to make it.

Paula and Norma made it but, can you imagine, didn't buy a single thing!  LOL. 

I ended up with about 3 baskets.  One of some really nice solids that I will use with the November Challenge and my Nancy Crow book Carrie gave me for Christmas a few years ago.  And some pinks and blues and a really neat green basket full of greens!

I scored some books and a basket of juvenile fabrics and another of cat fabrics for Ann.  And some software for her computer.

Lexie, girl of the hour

Some bad boxers!  LOL

Board members Denis and Jenny

 On Wednesday night we went to the Londoner for a benefit for Lexie.  The Londoner donates 10% of their night from 6 to 10 to CAAWS.  We pack the deck with our beer swilling crowd and their dogs.  Lexie has a trauma injury to her eye and will need medical care.  We had her evaluated at LSU to determine if we could do surgery and she would still see.  But no surgery will help and she will likely become blind in that eye.  She is one of the dogs who came to us in the illegal dumps.  Lexie is actually doing well, and like a true dog, doesn't know this is not what life should be like.  Here are some pics from the CAAWS Night at the Londoner for Lexie.

Thursday was the Old Lady Sewing Day.  I taught paperpiecing using some tessellating cats.  They were fantastic.  I think I might just do some with my pink and blue basket win from the auction. 

Next week will will be doing the Sawtooth Cats block.  And more interesting stuff to come.



And today Frank and I went to cut the grass at the Bristoe Rent House.  One would think that if I provided you with free rent, a free lawnmower and a free refrigerator, and a totally updated house with all new appliances and walls and floors, that you would ask one of your TWO SONS to cut the grass.  Wait.....maybe not.


Maybe I expect too much. 

My back is killing me.  I edged and swept and bagged just my edge clippings and got 11 lawn bags of debris.  Wow.  The last time we cut it was mid summer and I guess that was the last time it was actually cut. 

Dont' get me started on the welfare system.


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