Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Star Friends

 There are some times when friends just seem to be there.  And that is an amazing connection they have.  Sometimes just a word or a touch or a box arriving on your doorstep can make the difference of a lifetime.

Bichon "fries"  !!

Yesterday was a day like that for me.

Somewhere out of the blue I got little gifts from a few special friends. 

One came in an email.  It said simply, this group is so important to another friend, helping with grief depression that she thinks I am wonderful.  Just the fact that my friend thought to send those words to me lets me know that she understands my need to help others.  She let me know that I helped someone.  And I feel that helping others is good works.

Another was simply a hug at a hardware store.  When she hugged me close and tight, she whispered in my ear, "You know if you need me I will come, I will find you where ever you are.  And I will just know."  I believe her.  We have sat and held hands over more than one dog.  We have just sat in silence, drawing strength.  Yes, I believe her.  And I would do the same.

Do you want some cappuccino with your doggy bones?

And the third was a most unusual box that arrived at my doorstep.  I thought it was an order I placed over the weekend and put it aside till later.  When I opened it, goodies from Three Dog Bakery came pouring forth.  They were for Dutch!  He even had a letter that set me to crying for the next three hours.  How incredible that this box came to me when I needed it.  Inside there was a card with a hand drawn Jack Russell looking up out a window full of stars.  It said, Good friends are like the stars.  You don't always see them, but you know they are always there.

The hedgehog made me cry for Bonnie Doon.  She LOVED hedgehogs!

Dutch shared his treats and asked if we could have these in place of a 3 o'clock bone in the afternoons.  The jar of cookies I opened smelled so good my taste buds watered and I even had a bite! 

They fed my soul. 

glen:  Thank you my star friends, I love you all.

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  1. Always and Always. You can see the stars b/c you are a star yourself.


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