Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Amazing Thing Happened Today

Dutch turns himself
green somehow

Something happened today I thought would not have a snowball’s chance in you know where. It is the most amazing thing.

Dutch turns 10 today.

He cannot walk more than outside to pee or to come to the kitchen to eat. He sleeps most of the day. But he does not appear to be in much pain. I know he must hurt but he does not give indicators that he does.

He appears to be happy, as happy as a Dutch can be. He never was a happy or demonstrative dog. But he is still alert and watchful. And protecting his family. He had a serious growl fit from across the room when the photographer from Santa CAAWS delivered the photos for me to sort and mail out. He was definitely not happy with her.

Day he won his
Championship in Houston

Bonnie Doon
 taught him that

He eats well, drinks and pees a lot, and sleeps well.

What more can a dog ask at 10 with terminal bone cancer that should have killed him 5 months ago?

My Dutch made it to his birthday. That is an amazing fact.

Bonnie Doon and Dutch playing

glen: and I still cry


  1. Happy Birthday, Dutch... very good dog.

  2. Happy birthday to Dutch and thoughts and hugs to you. Bonnie in Iowa browne426@hotmail.com

  3. Happy Birthday Dutch! I hope Mama gives you table food to celebrate!

  4. Happy birthday Dutch - scratches and pats for him and a hug for you

  5. Belated bday, Dutch. you share Pape's bday. Since he is 73 and you are 10, you are sharing his bday not the other way around. Green is a great color for you! Glenda, hugging tightly.


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