Friday, December 2, 2011

That bad dog of mine

Guess who!  Yep, DiNozzo.

He has chewed yet another leash.  But you would think that he'd be costing me a small fortune in Designer Doggy Leashes.  Actually he is not costing me anything except shipping charges.

Lupine makes a wonderful line of dog collars and leashes and harnesses.  You can find their line here: 

They have a fabulous array of styles and colors.  They retire designs and bring new ones out every year.  You can still get some of the retired designs until they finish the roll of material. 

The leads are sturdy, pretty and secure with a quick snap on device to hook up a wild and unruly dog jumping for joy at being walked.  But the best part of the entire Lupine experience is the lifetime replacement guarantee.  They are losing money on DiNozzo. 

This is the third leash they have sent me.  He keeps snacking on them.  But they replace them at no charge to me and never ask questions.  See on the tag where it says, "even if chewed"??  Dutch has had his for 10 years now.  And it is his original one I might add.

DiNozzo has had three sine April.  Need I say more?

I think if you need a new collar you should look at the Lupine assortment.  Can't beat the guarantee!

glen and DiNozzo

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