Monday, January 9, 2012

Design Wall Monday 1-9-12

This week, the design wall is not a design wall actually.  It is the design...uh, ironing board I guess!

This is 280 2 1/2 by 18 strips for a plaid bargello quilt from Bonnie Hunter's book.  I had a ton of shirts from the 99 cent rack at the resale shop.  My basket was overflowing. 

I also cut out a strange star quilt from those same shirts.  But the basket was not depleting quickly enough so the bargello strips had to be cut as well.  I will have 8 yards for the next stash busting report, yeah. 
From Yesterday's post:

I have a ton of shirts from the 99 cent pile of the local resale shop that I have collected over the years. Every once in a while I use one or two of them. But i thought to really decrease the amount of shirts with a couple of quilts. Retreat is coming up so I thought to cut up some quilt and use the retreat to put some tops together. Like I really need more tops......but I digress.

I put them into the double sided plastic container I purchased. Remember that great find for $4 a couple of days ago? Perfect. Here are the pieces cut up and arranged into separate compartments. They can't get lost. They can't get mixed up. Perfect.

Here is the other side that holds the test block. This block was the strangest block I have ever put together. It wasn't until Paula said, oh, it is on point within the block, that I understood exactly why they did it that way. Very strange and very confusing at first. Can you see how it is done? Bet you can't.

DiNozzo was pretty good this week.  He did steal some veggies from the counter, and the last tomato I had planned on using in the salad tonight.  But other than that he has actually been a good doggy today.  Oh, wait, Chloe says he did harass her tonight with the squeakie tearing around at high speed and jumping on the sofa on top of her a couple of times. 

Good quilting and have a great week!

glen and the bassets



  1. Oh yes I can see how it is done. I've been studying that block for a couple of days. I've got a copy of a mag that has block sizes in 6, 9, and 12". I'm doing a 9" sampler basically. Their directions for piecing are wrong. I finally realized it had to be made horizontally to make it work. Now to get on the stick and get it made. Love the doggy pictures... I'm about ready to bring a dog behaviorist for my cocker... he's a mess. Or I am!

  2. DiNozzo cracks me up....stealing a tomato! Is he named after Tony on NCIS, by any chance?

  3. It looks like we've both been thinking plaids lately. Your reclaimed shirts look great. Ever since I made a quill during Bonnuie's Bargello Bowl and on
    Bated it, I've wanted to make another. Ir's a fun quilt.

  4. My design wall was actually on the mattress, so here's to off wall! I like all your stuff! And I studied and studied but I'm not quite sure on the tell! :)


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