Sunday, January 8, 2012

From Nature to Oz

It was a very very busy day yesterday.  One of the most rewarding things I have done was to give Dorothy's Last Moment in Oz to Margaret.  She fell in love with that quilt when I invited her to attend the guild meeting where the Movie Challenge was unveiled.  My quilt won an Honorable Mention that night.  But that is another story of cliques and alliances. 

I made "Oz" to show that scene where Glenda the Good Witch (yep, that is who I am named after, my mother wanted a frilly little girl with gorgeous blonde curls, I disappointed her)  touches her wand to Dorothy's Ruby Slippers as she is clicking her heels and saying, "There is no place like home, there is no place like home, there is no place like home."  She goes flying back to Kansas and Auntie Em.  It was her very last moment in that magical land of Oz.

Margaret loved that quilt.  I really meant to give it to her a year ago, but for some reason it was still sitting on my shelf.  After I made the quilt, I had two  offers to purchase it.  I chose not to sell.   Margaret's eyes grew wide and she hugged me tight as she realized what was in that bag. 

See Dorothy's anatomically correct knees?  I love them.  No cellulite...yet.  But she is still young.

Last night we had dinner with Renee and Michael and the boys watched the Saints win.  It was a fabulous night and I ate my veggies like a good little girl! LOL.  Yes, Paula, I did.

We laughed and shared stories and just enjoyed being with each other.  Michael was in the Williams Sonoma store the day I bought my cappuccino maker, and I still owe him a cup of capp!

I have a ton of shirts from the 99 cent pile of the local resale shop that I have collected over the years.  Every once in a while I use one or two of them.  But i thought to really decrease the amount of shirts with a couple of quilts.  Retreat is coming up so I thought to cut up some quilt and use the retreat to put some tops together.  Like I really need more tops......but I digress.

I put them into the container I purchased.  Remember that great find for $4 a couple of days ago?  Perfect.  Here are the pieces cut up and arranged into separate compartments.  They can't get lost.  They can't get mixed up.  Perfect.

Here is the other side that holds the test block.  This block was the strangest block I have ever put together.  It wasn't until Paula said, oh, it is on point within the block, that I understood exactly why they did it that way.  Very strange and very confusing at first.  Can you see how it is done?  Bet you can't. 

Saturday morning we headed to the Farmer's Market and saw Paula, Glen, Monie, Carrie, Adele, Rene and Michelle.  It was like having a  party there! 

I bought a ton of vegetables. 

Check out the turnips and the brussels sprouts.  The broccoli and cauliflower.  The green onions. 

Now, I am hungry again!

Meat stuffed eggplants are on the agenda for tonight. 

I leave you with you mouth hankering for some of these beautiful fresh babies!



  1. I am indeed hankering for some of those fresh greens! Your Oz quilt is wonderful. How sweet of you to gift it to someone who loves it.

  2. Love the ruby slipper quilt. It's fabulous!


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