Monday, January 16, 2012

A new block of Tiny Tiny Houses

I made a whole 'nother block of houses this afternoon.  I think I ended up with 7 but I thought I had 9.  I keep losing them.  Hmmmm.

These are my favorites.  I guess because they are so bright.  I thought I would really like that light one in the corner bottom.  But not so much.

I laid out a plan today in EQ for the finished quilt.  I was looking for the amount of sashing to purchase since I decided and didn't have enough.  I'll keep that a secret as it may change.  I went to the quilt shop to check out my desired fabric and the shop was closed!  Imagine that, all the quilters are available to go to the shop and the shop is closed!  Tells you something there.

Anyway, I laid out the quilt in EQ.  And then rethought it immediately because I figured it was going to be over 100 inches.  Wow!  Maybe that was wrong.  It has to be.  So I decided to decrease the number of houses, toss in a couple larger ones and add a border of trees.

So I need to start making Tiny Tiny Trees now too.

But not as many houses.

We shall see.

We are off tonight to see Gordon Lightfoot.  Remember him?  Gee, that makes you OLD!  LOL

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  1. I really like these tiny houses. I need to make more. At the rate I am going, it will take years to finish my quilt. I remember Gordon Lightfoot. I really liked his music when I was younger. I haven't heard him in years. Have fun.


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