Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Quilt The Swamp Show - you gotta see this report!

Michael, Sally and Mary did a FANTASTIC job on this segment.  Makes me proud to rub shoulders with these talented people!


PS: this is a piece I did in 2006 taking a piece of black fabric and doing a sort of reverse discharge.  It was one of my earlier experiements with this technique.  Michael told me that the resulting red fabric was highly prized by dischargers and not always easy to get.


  1. Just like you to stumble into the pot of gold!

  2. Do you know who made the black cloth that you started with? That red is amazing. I honestly thought you had overdyed it with red after you discharged it.

    You can see the very uninteresting tan that I got when I discharged some black a few years ago here.


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