Thursday, February 2, 2012


OMG!  I got the perfect book in the Birthday Raffle tonight.  It is incredible.  I can't wait to try out some of the stuff in there, it is right up my alleyway!  It is called: Quilts From Europe.  Wow!

I worked all day on the mystery quilt.  I have the center complete and the blocks sewn together.   It is pretty cool.  I sure wish i could show it to you guys.  You would love it.

Mine is done with all three fabrics coming from my stash.  I counted them in this last week I think.

Tomorrow I go to get the ultrasound and meet with the surgeon next week.  We shall see what he says.  He is a likable guy.  I actually babysat him when he was younger and his parents were staying at the camp that was next to my Uncle Buddy's camp on Bayou Manchac.  He remembered me too!  LOL.  His dad was Carrie's pediatrician, that is how Uncle Buddy knew him.  Uncle Buddy would deliver them, and Dr. "Pete" (as Carrie called him) would raise them up!

I wanted to complete the Mystery Quilt so I can work on Judy's UFO #1 - the Sri Lanka Elephants I have dreaded for the last three years. I can probably start putting those Ellies together by the weekend.  You will love them when I get it together.

The Tiny Tiny Houses have stayed where they were since I came home from Norma's.  I had such a migraine from the very sweet house she has.  And really didn't feel any good till today.

I need an elephant in one of the windows.

You need to go to see the progress other's are making on their houses.  It is incredible.  You will love that too!  The blog is in Dutch, but she does translate some of her words.

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