Monday, March 5, 2012

design wall monday 3-5-12

Lots of things on my design wall STILL, even after the retreat this weekend.

 I have The Neighborhood blocks all done and everyone came out to be 14.5 inches except one.  Go figure.  So I have that one to redo or remake and I can put that top together.  No rip rip rip there but a make, make make.  A few people were very visibly upset about the fact that I put swastikas in my quilt.  I did not even see it at first.  One said she couldn't own a quilt like that.  It never occurred to me that the rail fence block would offend so many people.  I said, I guess that is just the German part of town!  LOL.  They did not appreciate it.

Paula got a great finish on her Patch No Work Quilt.  They are sort of the RAGE here!

Then I put the borders on the Elephants and added a flange, but did not like it, so I have to take it off and put the final border back on.  Nearly finished but rip rip rip.

Stained glass got about three quarters of the black frames on the blocks.  Then I realized you can't frame EACH block.  Rip rip rip.  The white pieces are notes telling me where each block goes and what direction it goes in.  This is not the final layout, but the top two rows are complete.  I still need the final black strips around the others.

You can see how important that black fabric was to me at this retreat between the Neighborhood and this one.

No more little houses, no time for that, but I did get Caroline started on them.  They are additive.
And of course there is all that quilting still to be done on about 12 quilts.



  1. I am afraid that they do show up to the eye. Your Piet Mondrain quilt is fantastic! Good luck on the quilting.

  2. Lots of great progress! Sorry there seemed to be more ripping than planned--but that's always the way with seam ripper use :) The swastika is an ancient symbol whose true meaning was forever demonized by the Nazis and no one can forget that. I have had to discard some swapped rail fence blocks for the same reason.

  3. Only two of the rail fence blocks look like swastika's. What are you going to do?

    Everything else looks great. Looks like you had a good time. Enjoy your "me" time with your ripper.

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  5. I think only one of the blocks looks like a swastika to me, the rest look like rail fence blocks. I'd redo that one if it were mine, but hey, if it doesn't bother you, then don't worry about it. :)
    I love your stained glass quilt, and that's one of the "to do" things on my list!

  6. I had to go and take a good look at the wool rail fence quilt I am making for my brother and there are no swastikas. I will keep this in mind as I add more blocks to it. Are you going to change those couple of blocks?

  7. I'd have been as surprised as you. A change of fabric colors...perhaps...could do the trick. Get a new Clover; sorry it's necessary. You've got lots of good things going on in your sewing world. Sandi

  8. I did a red, white and blue rail fence wall hanging a few years ago. My son came in as I was finishing the binding and said "Wow, Mom, why did you do swastikas in your quilt?" I didn't redo it. I sewed yellow buttons in the centers of the white rails that stood out the most and made them flowers.

  9. Swastikas have a much longer history than the Nazi's. I never even thought of it when I saw the quilt. LOL Lori in South Dakota


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