Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Toy

Deadly poison lion fish
Sort of for me.  Frank's birthday is coming up and we are planning a get together with just a few close friends at Carrie's house.

Sort of a surprise party.  I threw him a HUGE surprise party for the 40th and a smaller one for the 50th and now the 60th is really small.

Sunset in Greece
Emerald Lake Canada
He likes to sit in front of my computer and just watch the photos from our past travels and our dogs and our bike rides go past on the screen.  He tries to guess where each one was taken.  We have been some really beautiful places.

Carrie Junior Prom
So for his birthday he asked for one of those picture frames that holds your photos and scrolls them past you.

Easy, peasy.  I now own a digital photo frame, and just this afternoon chose 365 of the most beautiful and exciting pictures from my computer, transferred them to a thumb drive, then to the photo frame.  The photo frame holds 1000 pictures, amazing and incredible.

Mono Lake 
Can you imagine anything like that?  And now it is safely tucked away in a box.

El Capital Yosemite NP
Carrie has requested I make copies of about 100 pictures of Frank, Frank and I, Frank and her and make them black and white.  She is going to cover a wall in the shape of a 6 and a 0.  When the day is over, he can put them into a photo book and have that as his memento.  What a clever girl she is!  Must take after me, Frank would never think of anything like that!

Escalante Grand Staircase
Of course I got nothing done in the sewing room playing with all the photos like this.  But it brought back some fabulous memories of all the places.  And the incredible beauty of our country.  I cannot imagine living with any of these vistas outside your windows, I would get even less work done than I do now!
Nova Scotia



  1. Wonderful pictures! Better memories!

  2. The photos are beautiful. What a great idea! I have done a couple of books for Tom on one of those online publishing places, and I love them. Tom liked them once. He is funny that way. The only things I make that he goes back to over and over again are quilts. I don't mind. I think I do the books more for me. I have looked at those digital frames, and I would love to do one of those some day. I also love the idea of Carrie's wall 60. I think I will put that in my collection of things to do for Tom when he gets there. Thanks for passing it along.


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