Thursday, March 1, 2012

One More Day........Heading Up

I don't have a specific post, so I will post pictures of some earlier quilts for you!  Enjoy while you listen to my tale.

 My first chicken quilt
Still a UFO!
I am busy busy packing my stuff for the Retreat.  I was able to downsize a few pieces of clothing, as in down 3 sizes!  So my suitcase won't be so stuffed!  LOL.  Does it really work that way?

The place we are going is out in the country about an hour and a half north of Baton Rouge.   Up.  Living in the Deep South, you know that everything is generally UP.  Only the gulf is Down, or you go "down to New Orleans" which is actually a direct line east of here.  Where we are going is a serene, quilt all day kind of place.  I am sure DiNozzo will miss me, and the jury is out as to whether he will actually walk with Frank alone.  He has not done so thus far.  Even when I was so sick he would not leave me and walk with Frank.  No matter how much Frank pulled him on his lead, he just planted his short legs and refused to go.  He just wanted to be by my side.  Silly boy.

One of my first quilts
Frank keeps it in his van
I have 5 projects to work on.  I am also bringing my Ellies and will put the two borders on them there.  Maybe a new place and new light will show me which one I need to put on there.  I know how I will quilt it, with very dense echo quilting.

First, I must get the tension right on the machine.  The top thread keeps breaking.  I had asked my friend Miss N to show me how she loads her machine because I am working from a written copy of something Angie sent, but it has no pictures.  Tuesday, Miss P showed me how she does it.  Very much different from what I was doing, and soooooo much easier.  I want to see how Miss N does hers, because I know they use different techniques.

What I look like now.....LOL
I couldn't wait, when I got home, I grabbed the other dinosaur quilt and did what Miss P had showed me.  I am serious, it was so different from what I had been trying to for the last two years.  Everything worked perfectly.  I am excited to see what the differences between the two methods are and see if it gets even better.  Just that tension thing now.

The blood values from the last doctor visit were very uplifting.  Kidney, liver and thyroid enzymes were all good.  And the bonus for the restrictive diet is that my cholesterol is down to 141 and the triglycerides are at 67.  The doc said he called the lab and asked them to check that, they said it is correct!  LOL.  I am going to look into the green smoothie stuff and maybe do that.  It seems to be the answer for a lot of health issues.  I can't do the vegetarian lifestyle, too much nutrition is missing.  But I can meet it in the middle of the road.  Of course the numbers I have now is with steak and steak and bigger steaks!  LOL.

So I am getting there.  The surgeon is happy, the doc is happy and I am happy.  And looking pretty good in spite of everything else.

Today's theme for the Photo A Day is Up.  So since my life is UP then that picture of Liz is my UP!

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  1. You are looking great! Just don't get too small-I don't want to end up being known as your obese friend! LOL have fun on the retreat- wish I were going too.


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