Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bad weather

I'll bet you were wondering exactly where all my great photos were hiding in those couple of posts, huh?

Well, back is beautiful! I always say.

I mailed off the Southbound Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Raffle Quilt for the Regional Specialty in Perry GA in a couple of weeks.  I also included some zipper bags made of the cute blue dog fabric.    It usually generated a couple hunderd dollars for Southbound.  They love the quilts and so do I!

I just uploaded the darned quilt pics and now I can't find where they went to.  Go figure.

And, the weather was so bad this afternoon with ground lightening, quarter sized hail and lots of wind and rain.  Kinda felt like a hurricane even!  Grand-dog Hugeaux stayed rather than went home, he is phobic about storms.  So we have three again tonight.  Here they are, various tossed dog bodies.  Nobody seems to be much minding the threatening storm.  It is so nice to not have Swissys panicking.  I am sure the next ones will be better about the storms.


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