Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flowers from The Louisiana State Capitol Park

Canna Lily
All the flowers in the LA State Capitol area are varieties that were tweaked or created here in Louisiana, most likely at the LSU Horticultural Station or at a place like Burden Center or Mary Brown Center.

I have no idea what the names of these guys are, but they were so beautiful in the sunlight and the spring weather that I had to share what beauty we have here int he spring.  If you think Louisiana is all hot and humidity, you are so wrong.  We have beauty too!
Day Lily

And you can't beat that Cajun food either.  Did you know that the use of cayenne pepper in food makes it hot, and thusly makes you sweat when you eat it, which cools you off.  Did you know that is why the hotter climes have spicy food?  YES!

 Here are some beautiful Day Lilies from behind the State Capitol, where the Representatives park their cars for a quick get away from reporters hounding they.

Petunias, brilliant reds.  So perfect for the spicy foods we serve here.  Liquid crab boil is used as seasoning in a lot of dishes.  We always have some in the pantry.  I need to do a pantry challenge one day, that would be fun!

Snap Dragons.  Bright Yellow and deep magenta in the same beds.  I am thinking they were trying some LSU colors, maybe?

 The Zinnias were pink as you can get.  Hot pink.  And they were hidden down in their deep green leaves so I had to search them out.  They must be a short variety, I am used to seeing them tall on long stalks.

Yellow and white pansy beds!  I got some close up faces.  But they don't look like normal pansy faces!
 Hope you enjoyed the flowers from Sunday's ride!


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