Sunday, April 29, 2012

Home and WOW! the blog sure looks different!

 We boarded the Carnival Dream in Cape Canaveral and sailed to Nassau in the Bahamas

Where were rode segways all over the island.

We sailed to  St Thomas, Virgin Islands.  and kayaked through the mangroves and hiked up through the island and snorkeled on a coral reef and into a wrecked ship.  

 Then we sailed to St. Maartin and kayaked again out into the ocean and planted new baby mangrove trees as an ecology group.

We were rewarded with a swim in the sea.  Frank, however, was too busy complaining that his feet were sunburned.
Chuck wins the trophy back by excelling at Putt Putt.  Well, he only beat me by one point! But he claimed the trophy for that event.

There were some dogs aboard the ship.  Naturally we had to fool with them.

Red Sky at night, Sailor's delight!

Our ship, the Carnival Dream is the largest class of ship for Carnival with 1600 crew and 3600 passengers.  But here it sits next to Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas which is their largest with 3200 crew and 6500 passengers.  Makes our huge ship look like a sailing yacht!

 Really, it wasn't that kind of cruise!

Here is Chuck loving up on Patsy!

And me loving up on the buff guy with the Dutch accent who lead the kayak tour.


  1. Great pics, looks like you had fun. I'm jealous!

  2. I am taking a cruise in August... How was the ship, service etc?

  3. Nice pics we enjoyed the cruise & all the eating we did. I gained 5 pounds of fluid,but lost it all in 3 days. How did you do? I really love my quilt. Thanks a lot. love you both.


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