Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day and Stash Report.

Stash report first and out of the way.  I bough some panels to hopefully use some of the heaps of existing fabrics up.  So basically in the last three weeks I have used little and bought just a little bit more.

used this week -1
used in may 1
added this week 3.125
Add in May 3.125
Used YTD -74.33
Added YTD 43.625
Stash reduction -30.705

 So now for Mother's Day.  It was a fabulous day, with good weather for us as we did our eating and partying.  I spent the day with two incredible women whom I consider my closest friends.

First I woke up to smells of breakfast cooking.  For the first time in his life Frank made pancakes!  He had gotten me that Zero Gravity Chair I saw at Sam's last week, in RED!  Yes!  When we saw them there were maybe 150 of them sitting in the aisle waiting for husbands and sons to pick them up for their wives and moms.  When he went to get one for me, there were only five left and all were red!  LOL.  Good thing.

Then we walked the three dogs for the mile track.

Lunch was at Cheesecake Factory with Tiger, Ann and Press.  I had an open face omelet with crab and crawfish cream sauce.  Yum.  And a mimosa!  I gave Ann the panel from Julie Paschkis in her Catkin series.  I ended up with a fabulous and unbelievable handbag from Anuschka.  I have never had a leather bag before, so this is an incredible thing.  It is hand painted and totally modern.  And incredibly beautiful.  I will treasure it for many years.

They were off to the LSU Baseball Game after lunch.
Amber made three kinds of quiche for dessert.  I had never made quiche before so this was a learning thing.  I thought it was involved, but she whipped them up in no time and they were delicious looking.

And the fun thing was Ann had also given me an Ebelskiver maker.  I had never heard of these things before.  But they are fun filled pancakes made in a special pan with 7 holes.  They are a long time Danish tradition and both Dan and I have some Danish in us.  So terribly interesting you wouldn't believe.  I was in charge  of dessert sweets for the dinner at Amber's so I brought my new Ebelskiver and we played. 

Basically you make a very fluffy light batter, have fillings ready and flip at the appropriate time.  I left my "deer antler" flippers at home so we used chop sticks.  One batch makes 21 of the little ebels.

Totally amazing! We made melted chocolate centers, cinnamon apple centers and Amber found a tiny tiny jar of blueberry compote and we stuck that in there too!  For the first try they were amazing!  Everyone loved them.  So I am now ready to claim victory as the Ebelskiver Queen of Baton Rouge!  I am ready to go public.  It is a totally interactive dessert, so invite me to dinner and we can make Ebelskivers for dessert!

You can also make savory ones with a thin cornbread batter and add crabmeat, herbs and some cheeses.  Oh, my!

Carrie sent me a beautiful card, she and Andrew were in Pensacola for a friend's wedding. When I opened it I cried.  She said that I would tell her she would see things from a different perspective when she grew older and she says that is so true.  And she said that she looked up to me as a strong woman and a role model.  You bet I cried!  And when she called me later in the afternoon, I cried again.

I had a wonderful day, no sewing, but it was one of the best days you can have without sewing a stitch.

Happy Mother's Day to all moms and mom's to be!

glen: thanks for a wonderful day!

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  1. So glad you had a great Mother's Day! I did as well - got to see my foster daughter on Sat. and also went to the Art Inst. of Chicago, then saw both daughters on Sunday. I even got a M.D. card and gift from my daughter's BF, whose mother has passed away. That made me cry! But good tears. Have a great week!
    p.s. Only one quilt book? For learning/sewing, I like Quilts Quilts Quilts, and It's Okay if you sit on my quilt. For pics and inspirations, The Quilts of Gees Bend.


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