Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quilting Away

Can you believe I am just getting to Dan's Quilt from Christmas?  Well, so many problems and they have lived it with me.

Now I am finished with the quilting on one of the quilts for them, the big one.  I will have to decide if I am doing the smaller one on the frame or my domestic head.  Not that I have a domestic head, I mopped floors this morning and didn't really care for it.  You know.

I chose freehand clamshells since I didn't have a panto ready and I wanted to get started.  I have had trouble with the tension, but thanks to three wonderful people I actually got things straight.

Trudi, your advice helped me the most.  I turned everything to zero, stitched away changing the tension until it worked perfectly.  And the back looks wonderful, the front looks wonderful.

Paula, thanks for showing me how you put your quilts on the frame, it made my whole life easier and took about 1/8th the time I was taking to pin EVERYTHING!

And I do have to thank Frank for crawling up under the frame with a flashlight and looking for me.  I just couldn't do that floor stuff.  He is so much more agile than I am now a days.  I had to teach him how things worked, why it worked that way, what it should look like, what to do if it didn't look like that, where to look, why to look there, and on and on and on with the questions!

Where's Chloe?
Now I just have to perfect the stitching arm!  There are some pretty shaky clamshells in there, especially around the ends.  I need to figure out how to do the ends smoothly.  I don't think I left enough on the edges.  This was a quilt without borders, like Doctors Without Borders but without the medical supplies.

Can you see me now?
The quilt shifted at some point to not be straight towards the end.  I need to correct some problem areas but I can do that on my domestic head with no problem.  I took the quilt off the frame and laid it out.  I don't think you can see the odd shapes in there, not all are perfectly arched.

Here is your bonus today.  Can you see Chloe?  They is why they have that stripe, so they can camouflage themselves in the Aztec Grass.

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