Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Bike Ride Downtown

Every May in Baton Rouge is the Fest For All.  My mother would always come in town and stay for the weekend and we would head down there to buy her a Mother's Day/Birthday gift.  Something from one of the artist's booths, generally something with a butterfly or made of fabric or both.  We have not been in a few years and I guess we won't go ever again together.  She is in her last days now.

Amber at Farmer's Market

The bicycle group started out with breakfast at the Coffee Call with beignets and hot New Orleans Cafe au Lait.  We headed to the Farmer's Market on 5th and Main for the artisan breads and beet tops and honey.

Then we rode to the Fest For All grounds and through on to the levee.  The bicycle path has been extended about five miles down the levee and we headed out to see the new work.  To get there we had to cross River Road over at the Centroplex and go up these stairs.  I found that if you look really pathetic, one of the guys comes back and takes your bike over for you.
Looking out to the Mississippi River

It was a beautiful day for a ride, believe it or not we were in partial sun/shade the whole time.  The levee tends to be very very hot because they do not allow trees to grow on the levee itself for fear that it would undermine the strength.  And the strong wind from the last ride was not happening so we were able to ride a good bit down to the end of the new laid path.  

I have always loved this church steeple against the blue sky.  Someone should do a quilt like this surrounded by some pure white on white blocks tinged with the palest blue.  Here is the whole shot, sacred and secular!  That is the Chase Bank Building behind it.

We cut the ride short at about 10.5 miles because Frank and I have to head to New Orleans for the Operatic Debut of Vivian Buchanan.  One of my quilting friends, Patty the Quilt Lady has a nephew who is an up and coming rock star.  That is exciting for her,  following his career and being related to him like that.  Does it count that Vivian's mother, Tammy, called me Aunt Glenda when she was growing up??

Tammy's mother and father have been warm and beautiful friends of ours since 1980 in Hammond.  Tammy's mother died several years ago of a brain tumor and her dad, Howard, moved to Chapel Hill to live near Tammy's sister Jenny.  I miss them all, Howard and Janice, Tammy and Jenny.  We had such a happy life with all of them.  I think of Janice often, and know I will find her nearby when her granddaughter sings her heart out tonight. ( I have made myself sad.)

On the way home, this familiar sight came into view.  You know you are in Louisiana for sure when you see the air boat heading down the Interstate!


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