Saturday, June 23, 2012

Chloe the Smelly Basset Gets her Teeth Cleaned

I am still in Texas with the Texas Shop Hop today, tomorrow I will show you what I bought.  Oy!

Wednesday, Chloe the Smelly Basset went in for a teeth cleaning.  While in, they removed a tumor just behind her canine tooth.  We knew it was there, but not that it had gone through to the other side.  Bad mommy!

She got all cleaned up and the tumor, which was actually like a large cyst, was sent off to be evaluated.  No one thinks it will come back as anything drastic, but then again, she is my dog.  And we have always had the weird stuff.  I still remember the vet saying, we will do the test for Diabetes Insipidus, but it is so rare, no one ever has that.  Yeah, right.  That was Bonnie Doon who drank 5 quarts of water in one sitting!

So now Chloe TSB has clean teefies!  And she smells a lot better too.  She slept all night Wednesday without rousing and and all day Thursday, but will probably get her groove back on Friday.  You can tell she is feeling better because she is not as grouchy to DiNozzo.

But then he is soooooo agravating...........

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  1. Glad your smelly girl is less smelly now and hope she's all recovered and feeling grand. Hugs to her from me and my girls. :)


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