Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am SOOO O bad!

I have bought two kits this week and ended up (for reasons unknown) at the local quilt shop having a 40% off everything reduction so they can reduce inventory to move to smaller quarters.

I had to have the Parenthetical kit from Red Stick, I fell in love with it the minute she put it on the wall.  When I walked in Tuesday and saw another quilt in its place, my heart skipped a beat and I ran to the display to grab the LAST kit.

And the store having the 40% off everything sale is moving to smaller quarters so they are reducing inventory.  I waited out the 10%, the 20% and the 30% off sales to make it this far.  So I had to have 5 way cool green fabrics to add to my stash.  And there are 2 yards of each.  I get two yards so you can actually do something with them and maybe have a bit leftover for scrappies.

And I got the ruler set I have been waiting for.  They are diamonds, large and small.  Do you think I can do diamonds?  We shall see!

I am soooo bad.  Tomorrow Ann and I may hit the store again.  OH NO!  And we will check out the kitchen supply store that is going out of business as well to see what we can snag.

Good thing I have a new credit card!  LOL.

Oh Look it is raining, and my sprinkler is on.........heavens.


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  1. Hmmm hasn't a certain someone been cleaning out by sending me her stuff?? Ahem... I'm running out of room!


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