Friday, June 29, 2012

I have been busy...and other things

For the last three days I have had the headache from hell.  If you have these headaches you know what I mean.  Life just exists.  You don't.

If I can catch the beginnings of it and take feverfew it will not develop further.  But this must be cluster headaches because they keep hitting me.  I grabbed the feverfew bottle about an hour ago and this one is nearly gone.

Which is good because today is Carrie's birthday!  And we are meeting the beloved out of town Cousin Jason and his two boys for a birthday dinner!  He is the one we saw last Sunday at the Fish Fry at his momma's house.

We have been Grand-Dog sitting since Tuesday, and Hugeaux just went home about 15 minutes ago.  He was supposed to stay only one day.

I have been working on a project from Judy Momenzadah of Mike and Mo Designs.  She asked me to test drive a purse pattern and I have it down to the wire now, with just the wire frame to add.  Which I could have done this afternoon had I not been debilitated with head stuff.

I am off to the Fat Cow for a birthday dinner with Carrie and the gang.


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