Friday, June 22, 2012

A Little Salsa by the Bay

I made Salsa with my tomatoes from the Farmer's Market from last weekend.  They needed to be used and I was going to leave for the Texas Shop Hop.  And I knew Frank would not use them and they would be rotten by the time I got back.

So I used some of the mason jars I bought for the Sweet Basil Jelly (since I had no basil yet) and canned some salsa in a hot water bath.

This picture is my salsa sitting by one of my bay trees.  Since they went into the ground the bays have grown at least a foot but maybe closer to 18 inches. They just needed a place to live!  Bays are actually Grecian Laurels but are also called Sweet Bay Trees.  They grow to 35 feet but will trim nicely into a hedge if you like that.  Mine will be a two bush hedge.

I need about 2 cups of fresh basil.  If you have some extra basil I would trade that for some of the Sweet Basil Jelly!  I thought I had a basil bush, but I have oregano, rosemary, thyme, mint and lemon balm.  Lots of oregano..........

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  1. I have so much basil I can't see out the window! Dear Hubby planted 5 plants in the window box outside the kitchen. Basil jelly sounds interesting...share the recipe? I'll share my recipe for tomatoes & cucumbers with mint.


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