Monday, June 25, 2012

Stash Report, Design Wall, Jason all in one

I have been on that Houston Shop Hop and did add some fabric to the pile.  Not much, but some.

Stash Report.
used this week -1.5
used in june -17.75
added this week 21.25
Add in June 71.25
Used YTD -92
Added YTD 104.68
Stash reduction 12.68
We are in positive territory here for the first time!
Design Wall:  Still quilting Dan's quilt.  But adding some Duffle Bags to the mix.

Then we crossed this bridge to see my cousin Jason and his kids who now live in Denver.  Jason's momma was married to my beloved late cousin Terry.  She has been a wonderful friend over the last 40 years and her son has been like my own son.  I was so close to Terry when we were growing up, and his absence is deafening, as they say.

I dreamed about Terry last week, then Jason called to say he and the boys would be in town and his momma was having a fish fry.  I should have taken pics of the fish, amazing pile of fish caught by Diane's brother and nephews.  Rodney's band played for everyone, they do Cajun music all across the US and will open for the Three Dog Night Concert in Tampa soon.

  Jason is the one without the hat!  His kids look like their momma for sure!  The little one is Lucas and the older one is Ethan.

Boy do I miss them now that they are in Denver.  They boys are doing so well out there, they love snowboarding and excel in school.

We have such a smart family, cousin Karen's kid is super smart as well.  I guess that means Carrie's kids will have their goals set for them!

The space is belongs to Diane and husband Rodney.  Rodney purchased it from the bank as a foreclosure.  The buildings were used to fabricate the stuff for the 1984 World's Fair in New Orleans.  There are three huge buildings and he has it full of 57 Chevys he has reconditioned.  All kinds of equipment like front end loaders and bobcats.  It is a wonderland of fun and interest for the likes of me!  And the kids LOVE being there!  They have the run of several dozen acres of pasture and land and the buildings and their grandma!


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