Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day 1 - Retreat

I was so excited to find I could get internet here! But posting on this iPad has a drawback....no line beaks. So bear with me. <> Franks AC was playing games on him and he got half way to Norco when it went out again. So he decided to tune around and take it to the dealer shop. he calls me to pick him up. I am now going to have to rearrange meeting the girls to drive up to the retreat. I also have to rearrange getting my new brake tag for the CRV since I realized the car was expired from June. A $100 ticket if they catch you. So I grumble a bit E, but go get frank, and we go to my favorite hippie brake tag place. He can't get the vehicle to read on his computer! Aughhhhh! Finally, he changes his cable out and it works and i get a new tag I meet the girls at VooDoo BBQ and we head out to the retreat. I m just exiting when I get a call from frank saying his lifeline to his business was left in the SUV. His schedule, phone numbers, meeting notes, etc. so he says Whenhe gets his van back, he will drive out and get his folder from me. He got carsick riding with Carrie on the way home from picking up his van so hewill come in the morning... Me? Well I have already completed one baby quilt, quilted it and even put the binding on. And I have put borders on the tree of life blocks I won last month and will put them together in the morning. I am having a good time, havent forgotten anything, so far....... glen

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  1. Glad to know you finally made it out there.

    Sounds like you are off to a running start. Can't wait to see how many projects you can check off your list.

    One drawback. You know as many tops as you get completed only adds to the pile of those waiting to be quilted.

    Can't wait to see them all at Show and Tell.


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